Integra was one of the key players who helped close the deal with Wall Street bondholders

Source: Infobae The agreement with the private creditors hides a complex negotiation that took place over eight months. Behind the public stage that Alberto Fernandez and Martín Guzman occupied, a heterogeneous group of political personalities and financial experts acted, who contributed their knowledge and their time to achieve the restructuring of the private debt of […]

Latin Resources Limited signs with Integra Capital for a lithium project in Catamarca

Source: Bank Magazine The joint venture agreement came after extensive negotiations on Latin’s concession, which covers more than 70,000 hectares in Catamarca. Integra is an investment company, with a diversified portfolio in more than 10 countries. The investment will be of up to US $ 1 million in a joint project that will support an […]

Integra Capital partners with an Australian mining company to extract lithium in Catamarca

Source: Cronista The australian mining company Latin Resources Limited, signed a joint venture agreement with Argentine group Integra Capital for a lithium project in Catamarca. The Latin Resources Limited concession covers more than 70,000 hectares in Catamarca, and according to the Australian company, it will be a strategic approach to Latin America and a project with […]