Latin Resources Limited signs with Integra Capital for a lithium project in Catamarca

Source: Bank Magazine

The joint venture agreement came after extensive negotiations on Latin’s concession, which covers more than 70,000 hectares in Catamarca. Integra is an investment company, with a diversified portfolio in more than 10 countries. The investment will be of up to US $ 1 million in a joint project that will support an aggressive exploration program in the Catamarca concessions.

Chris Gale managing director of Latin: “We welcome Integra as our partner in our Argentine project, with great prospects for lithium, and we aim to bring value to our shareholders with our new partner. Integra’s financial capacity, combined with our experience in Latin America, makes a formidable team, with the ability to rapidly explore and develop a lithium project”, stated the director.

Latin Resources Limited is an Australian-based mining company with projects in its country and in Latin America. It has secured 173,000 hectares of lithium exploration concessions in the provinces of Catamarca and San Luis. Also, projects of this mineral in Brazil.