The Virtual Edition of “La Jolla Energy Conference”, and the topic, “Argentina energy policy update”, May 2020

Source: A24

Dr. José Luis Manzano, as president of Integra Capital, participated in the XXIX “La Jolla Energy” international video conference on energy, on May 19, 2020. The conference, organized by the Institute of The Americas, discussed the topic of “Updating Argentina’s energy policy.”

José Luis Manzano defined that Argentina should aim to generate energy at affordable prices, for gas, electricity and oil (a pre-covid issue). 

He also highlighted that the “Vaca Muerta” formation continues to be an opportunity: “It is essential to adapt costs so that it regains its attractiveness for foreign investors,” he added.

Saverio Minervini from Fitch Ratings; Thomaz Favaro, director of Risk Control and Jorge Milanese, regional director of Sproule also participated in the debate.

The “La Jolla Energy” conference, organized by the Institute of The Americas, has been held since 1990, and has brought together politicians and businessmen to report on the most important trends in the energy sector.