Meeks, a US congressman who favors the relationship between Argentina and the IMF

Gregory Meeks, US congressman, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the US House of Representatives, considered that the administration of President Joe Biden “should do more to find a long-term solution for Argentina in the restructuring talks of debt”.

Thus, Meeks responded to a question posed by José Luis Manzano – “my friend” as presented by the host Susan Segal-, a former deputy, today a businessman in the energy sector and future owner of the Edenor company. “The participation of the United States in the negotiation of Argentina with the IMF should consist of everyone sitting at the table to find a long-term solution for the restructuring of Argentina’s debt,” said Meeks in a forum organized by the Council of Americas.

The congressman made these affirmations when speaking this Tuesday in the 51st Annual Washington Conference on the Americas, an event in which Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also participated.


Source: Totalnewsagency