La Jolla Energy Conference, clean energy key debate


“I believe in the region, I am optimistic that we can adapt to produce the ‘clean’ energy that the world needs.” That was one of the main ideas of José Luis Manzano. The president of Integra Capital participated in a video meeting on the 30th anniversary of the energy conference held by the Institute of the Americas.

Specifically, he proposed that “trillions and not trillions” be invested to reduce carbon emissions and narrow the financial gap in Latin America.

When asked about in which countries he was going to invest his company next, he replied that in “his beloved Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Ecuador“.

Manzano pointed out that the time has come to leave behind polluting energies such as coal or oil, and that it is the turn for solar energy, wind energy.

Likewise, he explained that before it was very expensive energy, but with the participation of state support, the price has dropped and now it is very accessible and full of possibilities.

He also highlighted the role of batteries, which are essential for storing the energy of the future, and he referred to the increasingly important presence of hydrogen as a fuel, the great bet for the future.

At the same time, he pointed out, nuclear power must coexist. Referring to the case of mining, he argued that it must have the integration of nearby populations in the process to be successful.

At the end of the videoconference he repeated his optimism for the future of the region. With a special note. “Argentina is my place. When things go well, and when they go bad, it is also my place to help recovery and progress“.