José Luis Manzano, chosen among the most influential people in Latin America

Businessman José Luis Manzano was chosen as one of the 500 most influential people in Latin America, according to the traditional list prepared by Bloomberg Línea.

The publication highlighted that the members of the list are “personalities who are transforming paradigms and their influence extends beyond their borders.”

Along these lines, he adds: “These are people who are leaders in the productive, financial, artistic, scientific and sporting sectors. We are not looking to make a ranking, but rather a list made by the editorial committee to value and disseminate that medium. thousands of Latinos who are transforming the world.

Manzano was selected along with other prominent Argentine businessmen such as Daniel Vila, whom he accompanies as a shareholder of Grupo América and other ventures.

Also part of the list are Daniel Funes de Rioja, president of the Argentine Industrial Union; David Sutton, president of the Álvear Group; Eduardo Eurnekian, CEO of Corporación América Airports; Eduardo Francisco Costantini, CEO of Consultatio; and Eduardo Sergio Elsztain, president of IRSA, among others.

The publication highlights that Manzano worked “throughout his career in various economic sectors in Argentina, including the energy industry, the media and politics.”

In addition, he adds that currently “he is the Argentine businessman most involved in lithium and has been president since 1995 and the main shareholder of Integra Resources, a company that explores salt mines on 14 thousand hectares in Jujuy and 149 thousand hectares in Catamarca.”

And he concludes: “At the same time, he is one of the main shareholders of the company Metrogas (gas distributor), Edenor (electricity distributor), Phoenix Global Resources (oil and gas producer) and the media company Grupo América, among others. other participations”.