Ensuring Resilience in a Renewable Energy Mix

Integra Capital participated as a sponsor of the International Economic Forum of the Americas based at the OECD Conference Center, the 4th Paris conference took place over two days.

The theme of the virtual call, due to the pandemic, was “to guarantee resilience in a combination of renewable energies.” Also analyze how energy companies adapt in a transition towards a more sustainable model with the environment.

The debate revolved around the concept of “resilience” applied to energy companies. In other words, the ability to overcome adversity and adapt to new challenges.

Benoit Potier, CEO of Air Luiquide, who shared the international debate with Manzano, defined that “transformation accompanied by investment and the distribution of new forms of sustainable energy” is essential for the sector’s resilience.

Another participant, Didier Holleaux, ENGie’s CEO, noted that “the market is not up to the changes that are imposed”. In his opinion, “there is an average lag of five years in relation to what climate change demands for new forms of energy.”

Manzano stressed that Joe Biden’s triumph in the United States is encouraging news. “It is the opportunity to recover the Paris agreements, we need global coordination for the transformation of energy.”

Benoit Potier agreed that this “new sustainable agreement” is very important for the transition in forms of energy, for example, towards the use of hydrogen and biodiesel not from fossils.