Our People


María Laura Marmol

Corporate Lawyer

Laura Marmol has served eight years as a corporate lawyer with Argentinian oil & gas companies¸ assisting in due diligence processes for potential mergers and in bidding processes for oil blocks awards. She has previously worked at several law firms in the City of Buenos Aires. She also leads Integra´s translation division specifically engaged in the English ˂ ˃ Spanish translation of the documents required for the full performance of the transactions carried out by the company abroad.


Ms Marmol has completed the Non-Executive Director Program offered by the Institute of Directors, London, UK, and is currently attending the 6-months Financial Times Non-Executive Director Diploma, UK. She currently holds one directorship in an E&P Norwegian company.


Ms Marmol holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Law from the University of La Plata, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina (2007) and a Bachelor Degree in Certified Translation from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (2015).